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Which Tape is Best for my Business?

By 18th February 2020News

After the recent launch of our self-adhesive tape with brown paper backing that is 100% recyclable, we wanted to answer some of the most asked questions from our customers and what tape is best for their business.

Our current climate is one of change, becoming more self-aware and taking responsibility for the footprint we leave not only now, but for future generations. Being mindful is a business responsibility, one that we are undertaking with pride and applying within our business where we can.

Whilst we cannot fully eradicate plastics, we can offer more environmentally friendly alternatives that add value to your business, and in turn, add value to our brand and core values. We will continue with the sale and distribution of our plastic tape products but want to introduce you to our paper tape range and educate on what the features and benefits are of each one.

An average packaging tape, not too dissimilar to retail packaging tape, whereas an end-user you could wrap gifts, will have an acrylic adhesive. Whilst there are not any singular benefits that stand out, it is easy to get hold of and cheap to purchase. We also offer a hot melt adhesive standard tape, that has all the same functionality as the above, except it is better to use in low-temperature environments.

Our next tape in the range is our ‘low noise economy tape’. The adhesive comprises a water-based acrylic. This allows for a custom print on the tape, enabling the continuation of the brand or business logo. It can be torn by hand, reducing the need for scissors thus lessening the time spent during packaging. It is also low noise, allowing for a quieter working environment.

We also stock a vinyl tape which has a solvent adhesive. Solvent adhesives are made up of a mixture of ingredients that are then dissolved in a solvent. As the solvent evaporates the adhesive begins to harden. Our vinyl tape shows strong performance at operating in low temperatures, is low noise and can be torn by hand, creating a quick-to-use, efficient product.

Our next tape is our paper tape, a self-adhesive tape made of brown paper that is not chlorinated nor bleached. Our new paper tape is 100% recyclable and creates a strong, durable and highly adhesive bond, making it a great addition to packaging cardboard boxes from a wide suite of products. And the best bit? You have a fully recyclable product to discard afterward.

The adhesive is made of special rubber, and the tape is made of paper, making it 100% biodegradable as well as 100% recyclable.

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It is more sustainably sourced as the paper is recycled so no trees have been cut to make the tape.

With its maximum conform-ability, our paper tape has excellent adhesion on irregular surfaces and is resistant to accidental knocks. It does not need a tape dispenser as it can be torn by hand, however, we do stock tape dispensers if that is what your business needs to ensure optimum performance.

Our paper tape enjoys a strong performance even at low temperatures. Some of its plastic counterparts have adhesion applications that become brittle and break in colder temperatures.

Furthermore, it allows the recognition of any alterations and is available for print with water-based inks. Meaning you can enjoy bespoke messaging or print your company logo on to the tape, to optimize brand awareness and consistency on the outside of your packaging as well as inside.

Not only is it eco-friendly, but our paper tape is also FSC certified. FSC is the world’s most trusted sustainable forest management solution. They allow consumers and businesses to make informed choices about the forest products they buy. Thus, enabling positive change by engaging the power of market dynamics. To understand more about FSC and how it can add value to your business, read our article here.

Like paper tape, the gummed paper tape can also be referred to as ‘Kraft Tape’. Gummed paper tape is suitable for both lightweight and heavy-weight cartons. Unlike plastic tapes, they come in different grades based on box weight.

For maximum application use, they are excellent for packaging where security is a priority as they are not easy to peel away. They also leave evidence to indicate tampering. Moreover, they also provide a sustainable solution to packaging, and are good for fragile boxes, as gummed paper tape can be applied easily without pressure.

We also offer a fibre reinforced paper tape, made with extra strong three-way glass fibre yarns. This makes it extra strong and completely unaffected by extreme temperatures. It comes in brown, like all our paper tapes so they blend in with the colour of our cardboard boxes. Its smooth, matte finish creates a smart, clean looking package. Mainly used for sending larger parcels, it is almost impossible to tear off paper surfaces.

In conclusion to the benefits of transitioning plastics to the paper within your business the main points are as follows:

  • Environmentally friendly – 100% recyclable, enabling a fully biodegradable packaging waste. Discard the paper tape and cardboard box together
  • Operates well in low-temperature environments
  • Easy to operate – some can be used with or without a tape dispenser. We can liaise with you on what type of tape would be best-suited dependant on your manufacturing and distribution needs
  • Low noise – not as noisy to use as some plastic tapes can be
  • Strong performance – applies well to difficult surfaces
  • Secure – paper tape is much harder to peel off the packaging, making it a good application for packaging where security is priority

If you would like a product specialist to send you more information or bring tape samples to your offices and aid you with any questions you have on introducing environmentally friendly products into your business and processes, then contact us and a customer service representative will be in touch shortly.


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