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Highly Recyclable Content Bubble Wrap Comes To Challenge

By 6th February 2020News

As a business, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and produce high quality, high performance, sustainable packaging solutions. Recent developments have led us to a new co-extruded plastic bubble film made from low-density polyethylene and barrier layer. The polyethylene consists of a minimum of 50% recycled content.

It comes in 100m and 200m, a small bubble only. Sustainable, eco-friendly, this product comes contains post-industrial polyethylene, with a minimum of 50% increase in recycled content when compared to standard AirCap.

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Our new AirCap ELRT bubble wrap delivers longer-lasting protection, offering consistent cushioning during storage and transit. It is also quality assured, as it is manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 guaranteeing high standards of production and quality control.

We are about to transition this into stock, to replace our old bubble wrap. The best bit is that there is no cost penalty for our customers. The price will be the same, with the same level of recyclability as the standard AirCap but with the considerable sustainability benefits of utilizing reprocessed polymer and the considerable CO2 benefits, this delivers in reducing the consumption of virgin polymer.

Our newest bubble also enjoys the same performance as our original bubble wrap and will protect your products during transit.

What does HRC stand for?

Highly Recycled Content

What is the difference between HRC bubble wrap and standard bubble wrap?

HRC is manufactured with 50% post-industrial resins and 50% virgin material i.e. recycled content. The introduction of our new ELRT 200m HRC bubble wrap has had an extremely positive effect on the sustainability benefits, by reducing C02 emissions through the reduction in virgin raw materials, improvements in transport efficiencies and reducing storage space required by 35%. Considering recent economic and environmental issues, we are committed to sourcing products within a circular economy where we take control of our resources and utilize our raw materials as much as we can.

What color is the bubble wrap?

It is worth noting that we cannot control the color of the finished product, in the way that we have done with standard bubble wrap. The color of each batch will vary depending on the availability of high quality regrind and without limiting our material sources we need to retain flexibility in terms of the color consistency.

Different regrind polymers

This does benefit us and our customers in identifying a differentiated product in the UK marketplace with differing colors whilst maintaining quality. In terms of performance, the material will be made in the same way and is equal to our existing bubble wrap.

What does regrind mean?

Regrind is a term that applies to plastic components/products, which have been mechanically reduced into fine particles. They are then used in another manufacturing process, such as becoming a component for a compounded material containing the regrind and other elements.

What size is the bubble?

Our new ELRT 200m HRC bubble wrap only comes in a small bubble currently. This will make interleaving easier as a small bubble is ideally suited for interleaving between products. It can also be supplied in rolls or in slits. A small bubble is excellent for wrapping and surface protection and can be laminated to suit a wide range of packaging application

Up to 40% more HRC bubble can be accommodated in the same warehouse space as a standard bubble. More can also be transported on the same truck reducing carbon dioxide emissions and offering increased value per m3. The use of the barrier allows us to use thinner film contributing to source reduction and saving valuable time with fewer roll changes required.

Whilst we are not able to eradicate plastics from our bubble wrap, we are taking steps in the right direction. We have begun to build a range of environmental products, to make the whole packaging process as green and sustainable as possible. Why not purchase one of our recyclable standard range of cardboard boxes and package with our new recyclable paper tape.

Request your free sample of HRC bubble wrap so you can see it for yourself. Alternatively, book an appointment with one of our product specialists who will arrange a meeting with you and discuss your requirements, to help add value to you and your business.

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