Cost Reduction Service 

PERS (Packaging Expense Reduction Service), is a service created by us. The PERS process is designed to optimise your packaging usage, reduce waste and ultimately save you money on your packaging. Quite simply, we reconsider and review the effectiveness of your packaging supply chain to redesign and redevelop better solutions suited uniquely to your business.

Simple three-step process:

We Review

Our packaging specialists visit your site and learn not just about what packaging you use, but how you use it.

We Collaborate

Through product and process design we identify opportunities to minimise and simplify your current process. We strive to minimise waste in your supply chain, be it through direct costs of supply, or other factors such as packing time reduction, reducing shipping costs through right sizing, designs and materials that prevent damage in transit or minimisation of storage space through our many stock holding and JIT delivery options.

You Save

We roll out our changes and save you money. Simple!

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