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Challenge Packaging Provides Charity With Branded Boxes

By 25th November 2019December 9th, 2019News

We are very pleased to showcase our recent bespoke cardboard boxes for the Harvey’s Gang Charity. We were approached by Malcolm Robinson who is the founder of Harvey’s Gang for a more practical and fun solution to their educational packs that they hand out to their young patients. Malcolm had currently been using used cardboard boxes to package all the items they give to their patients, which include all the things that they need to become a laboratory scientist for the day. This pack consists of lab coat, badge, notepads, pens, other stationery along with fun items to keep the children entertained. A fantastic collection of products within the box, but not a great opening experience.

What happened next was an appointment with Malcolm to liaise with him on his requirements. We were very moved when we found out how this fantastic charity was set up and wanted to help with immediate effect.

In 2013, a young man named Harvey Buster Baldwin wanted to view the Haematology & Blood Transfusion Laboratory at Worthing Hospital due to his curiosity around blood sampling and processes within the lab. Harvey was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and part of his ongoing treatment involved multiple blood tests. Therefore, he wanted to know more about why his blood needed taking so many times and what the hospital staff did with it once it had been taken.

Harvey found the tour educational and subsequently went on more, marvelling at the information and enjoying being in the thick of the scientific processes surround blood. After a 19-month battle, Harvey lost his fight with Leukaemia passing away in October 2014.

At his Farewell, the family showed a picture of Harvey in the laboratory with Malcolm on one of his as “Trainee scientist” for the day tours. It was then that consultant Paediatrician, Jon Rabbs informed Malcolm that they had seven other critically ill youngsters who also wanted to visit the laboratory. What started as a little boy being curious about his treatment and recovery, then developed into Harvey’s Gang. A legacy left by Harvey, aided with Malcolm and his family to create a safe space for children to learn about their progresses whilst ill, trying to lessen the fear around the unknown during treatment.

Harvey’s Gang now has over 100 sites and has even expanded into America.

Confident that we could provide a solution, we quickly set to work on creating the boxes for Malcolm and the team. We used a stock box in white, creating a wonderfully bright backing for their orange branding. The team were delighted, as were we to have the opportunity to contribute to this wonderful cause.

The marketing team were invited along with the Sales Director to take their own tour of the lab when they went to drop off the boxes. They were blown away with the skill and precision that goes into blood processing. Who knew that so many different elements from a blood sample could be separated out such as plasma! What they did take away from the day apart from the incredible cycle of blood sampling, was the environment and its familial feel. There were pictures of Harvey within the lab, a constant memento to where the charity was founded.

The missing piece was the packaging for all their resource that they give to the families and children wanting to be part of the tour. Now they have a box, perfectly suited to their needs, on brand with the charity and available to hand out to all their other laboratories part of the gang, with a hope they keep expanding in the future.

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