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We have passed our BRC Audit!

By 23rd July 2020News

At Challenge Packaging we are delighted to announce that we have passed this year’s BRC audit, retaining our AA grade. This is the maximum grade we can achieve without an unannounced audit.

The BRC Standard for Packaging Materials has been updated this year to Issue 6 which has seen refinement on several clauses which inevitably makes the standard stricter as the BRC continues to expect a higher standard maintained by companies.

This is an amazing achievement by all the team at Challenge, who continue to apply and commit themselves daily. We are very proud of all who work at Challenge and how they continue to contribute towards the welfare of the business. We are focussed on the quality and safety from the ground up within our organisation.

It is important to note, that during these challenging and exceptionally health-conscious times, the BRC standards are higher and stricter than ever. To achieve top marks, you have to be able to show only the highest commitment and safety policies. To demonstrate, how much we have the safety and wellbeing of internal teams, visitors, and the public at heart. Our new BRC AA grade exemplifies this and our continued commitment to this cause.

The BRC standard is more than just a system to monitor cleanliness and hygiene in our environment, and these days covers our business in its entirety from enquiry, right through to delivery, as well as all of the supporting functions.

The BRC standard was created and published in 2001 and became the Global Standard for Packaging Materials, designed to protect the consumer by enabling a basis for the certification of companies supplying packaging to food producers. This standard provides a powerful framework for all types of packaging manufacturer to assist in the production of safe packaging materials and to manage the quality of their products whilst meeting the customer’s requirements yet maintaining legal compliance at the same time.

To achieve the certification and compliance with Issue 6, you need to have performed within these six sections:

  1. Senior Management Commitment – For packaging quality management to remain effective, management needs to be fully aware of the requirements and must commit to the implementation
  2. Hazard and Risk Management System – An effective hazard and risk analysis
  3. Product Safety and Quality Management – Requirements for the technical management of product quality and hygiene practises
  4. Site Standards – Expectation for the production’s environment including the assessment of building layout, maintenance, cleaning, and waste
  5. Product and Process Control – Product inspection and testing
  6. Personnel – Standards for staff training, protective clothing, and hygiene

By having this standard, you can be assured that your business and consumers are buying into product safety and quality management. This standard is recognized globally, so you can trust in a quality management programme and supply chain management.

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