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Everything You Need To Know About Sustainable Bubble Wrap Alternatives

By 29th July 2022News

Everything You Need To Know About Sustainable Bubble Wrap Alternatives

As solution providers in the packaging world, we understand the urgency of providing ethically sourced and sustainable packaging products. This is why we are beginning to transition Challenge Packaging into offering environmentally friendly product alternatives where possible, including sustainable bubble wrap alternatives.

Is Plastic Bubble Wrap Recyclable?

Plastic bubble wrap is recyclable. For a material to be recyclable, you need to be able to warrant its use for something else or restore it to its original state to reuse.

: Is plastic bubble wrap recyclable? A man holds a sheet of plastic bubble wrap.

Is Bubble Wrap Biodegradable?

Traditionally, bubble wrap is made from polythene, which is not biodegradable unless treated with chemicals that help break down plastic. Biodegradable materials can be broken down over time until they can be consumed on a microscopic level via a natural process, which polythene cannot do.

Bubble wrap does do a great job of protecting fragile items during transit. Still, it is often overcompensated, especially in the retail sector where caution is not often taken with items during delivery. Because bubble wrap is not biodegradable, this overuse of material causes significant environmental damage.


Is plastic bubble wrap recyclable? Large rolls of plastic bubble wrap in a factory

A New Sustainable Bubble Wrap Alternative: Biodegradable Bubble Wrap

With our new launch of Hexcel paper biodegradable bubble wrap, we can now offer a biodegradable and recyclable bubble wrap alongside our plastic alternatives. Our biodegradable bubble wrap is made from paper, the most sustainable, reusable, compostable and recyclable material on the planet. Available in both brown and white paper (subject to cost difference dependant on colour), our new paper bubble wrap is a fully sustainable wrapping product.

Biodegradable bubble wrap; a roll of Hexcel wrap, a sustainable bubble wrap alternative to plastic bubble wrap.

The Benefits of Biodegradable Bubble Wrap

In addition to the environmental benefits of using biodegradable bubble wrap, choosing a sustainable option for your wrapping is beneficial in other ways:

  • The use of Hexcel removes the need for taping as the hexagonal cells keep the Hexcel wrap from unravelling, saving time, and money and emphasizing the limitation of further plastics in the wrapping process. You can expect 25-50% faster packing speeds with biodegradable bubble wrap.


  • Hexcel wrap eliminates damage, providing exceptional protection. The hexagonal cells create an interlocking web that traps all your items. It also takes up to 80% less space than standard bubble wrap as this material is delivered flat. Once you unwrap this product, it expands into its engineered hexagonal cells.


Find Out More About Biodegradable Bubble Wrap Alternatives

To discuss our sustainable alternatives to bubble wrap, contact a member of our expert to find out how biodegradable bubble wrap can benefit your business.

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