Stock & Supply (VMI)

Packaging is usually bulky and usually requires a large amount of space to store. With space at a premium most companies would choose to devote more of their space to their own products and services and minimise their need to store packaging. Furthermore, the management of any inventory of products is hard work and time consuming and has many potential pitfalls.

High stocks tie up working capital and cost a lot to store whilst low stocks can lead to regular stock outages causing expensive production or distribution delays and ultimately dissatisfied customers.

The challenge has always been to find the right balance between lowest price, space used whilst ensuring you hold enough stock to minimise stock outs.

Challenge has the answer. Stock and Supply or VMI as its known (Vendor Managed Inventory) is a service we offer dedicated to lowering cost, minimising stock outs, releasing valuable storage space, reducing admin and releasing your cash.

With over 3000+ pallet spaces on site, a fleet of delivery vehicles and a customised Stock Management (VMI) software system we have the right tools to offer “tailor made” supply solutions to suite most client’s packaging demands.

On any given day, we have 100’s of orders being processed, manufactured and delivered to happy customers. Our account management team are aware that your requirements can differ from season to season. As long as we are aware of any changes, we can offer a flexible service that means we can slow down or gear up manufacturing to suit your demands whilst ensuring we and therefore you are never out of stock of the products that you require.

  • A fully personalised stock management service whatever the size of your business
  • Less cash tied up in packaging stock
  • Reduced stock holding – Minimal storage space & reduced cost
  • No more stock outs
  • Simplified management of stock peaks and troughs
  • Reduces administration time and cost
  • Lead times reduced to next day

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