We do a lot more than just make boxes and packaging…

Here at Challenge we offer a whole range of services and solutions to make your packaging choices as painless and hassle free as possible. From “off the shelf” Boxes & Packaging materials, through to our in-house design and creative team, with our fully bespoke product & supply solutions Challenge have got it covered.

Whether it’s a limited run of cartons for a luxury brand or a bulk order of transit outers with tape and bubble film for an E-Commerce client, we will guide you through the process and ensure the we reach an effective solution whatever your budget and however tight the timescale.

Cost Reduction

PERS (Packaging Expense Reduction Service), is a service created by us. The PERS process is designed to optimise your packaging usage, reduce waste and ultimately save you money on your packaging. Quite simply, we reconsider and review the effectiveness of your packaging supply chain to redesign and redevelop better solutions suited uniquely to your business.

In-House Manufacturing

Challenge are a UK based designer & manufacturer. Our innovative and market leading facilities are based in the heart of Sussex.

As well as folding, gluing and taping we also print up to seven colours. State of the art machinery ensures we produce low cost corrugated packaging without compromising quality.

Stock & Supply (VMI)

With over 3000 pallet spaces on site, a fleet of delivery vehicles and a dedicated Stock Management (VMI) software system we offer fully personalised stock management and next day delivery.

Structural Design

Creating the right packaging for your needs is a vital service that we are experts at. Whether it is a beauty carton for retail display, a shipping carton for export or a point of sale stand for a DIY store, we have the design capabilities and resources to bring your product to life.

Graphic Design & Print

Whatever its purpose, the appearance of your packaging is imperative to drive sales and reinforce your brand.  Working alongside our Structural Design team, we offer a full Graphic Design service. Co-operating with either your in-house graphic designers or starting from scratch, we can add anything from a simple logo to a transit case through to creating a complete range of packaging, all within your branding guidelines.

Logistics & Delivery

Since our inception, we have controlled our own delivery fleet, ensuring that we maintain a handle on one of the most important aspects of our customer service. We understand that for your business to run smoothly, you need suppliers that support you and do whatever it takes to continue to support you. Reliability is key.

Corrugated Waste Management

Why not convert your cardboard waste into a revenue making process?

Cardboard waste is created by many businesses so If you have large volumes of waste cardboard why not contact us to help maximise your revenue whilst helping the environment?

Personal Account Management

Here at Challenge we love what we do. We are passionate about the integrity of our work.

When our customers ask for our help, we help, we make your business personal.

“If it’s not personal, it should be”

Workflow Management

To aid with your inventory holding and our manufacturing processes, we have created a workflow management system that allows us to work within your requirements.  Operating a just-in-time flow management system means that we will deliver to you as and when you require. But were you to have any product demand surprises, we are able to gear up or down, depending on your requirements.

We are proud members of the Corrboard Alliance, which enables us to work with other like-minded packaging manufacturers to help customers on a national scale. If you have multiple sites around the UK, we can manage all of the design and work flow from our offices and then work with a third party to deliver your packaging on a local scale.

How does this help you? It means that you can have one point of contact to deliver wherever you want us to. And don’t be concerned that there will be any change to the specification or quality of the product. Every member of the alliance has been audited to meet the exacting standards required for membership.

You can read more about the Corrboard Alliance by clicking here.

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Regardless of what packaging you need, we think we have a solution that fits. And if we don’t have it from stock, we know that we can design one for you that will make you as proud of the packaging as you are of the product within it.

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