TempGuard Thermo Lined Packs

Our new TempGuard Thermo Lined Packs are a curbside recyclable packaging solution developed for shipping pre-packaged, temperature-sensitive goods. The product’s thermal insulation is constructed from heavy-duty kraft paper containing uniform inner padding, providing superior insulating properties.

  • Insulated liners tested and passed ISTA 7E standards, ensuring contents maintain proper temperatures
  • Flexible liner pads are only 14mm thick, which means you can maximise the internal space in your package
  • Moisture absorbing Liners reduce the condensation on products
  • A fully recyclable product – made from 100% recycled newspapers, so you can place directly in your recycling bins along with the box
  • Material flexibility allows for conforming to contents, which equates to smaller external cartons and reduced shipping costs
  • Minimize damage during handling and transit with padded box liners cushioning your items
  • Liner sizes available to fit small, medium and large-sized boxes

Our Thermo Liners have been successfully used in the following markets: seafood, confectionery, ready meal and pet vaccines. Protect your food items during transit, keeping them healthy and fresh from dispatch to delivery. Their superior insulation properties maintain temperatures during the journey. With disposable packaging, once the product has been opened, you can create an easier and more sustainable customer experience from start to finish.

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