Polythene Mailing Envelopes

Manufactured in our 3-layer co-extruded film, our grey printed warning notice mailing bags are very popular. To ensure that your labels stick to the outside of the mailing bags, we have extruded the outer surface in a 100% virgin layer and low slip. An ideal packaging solution for non-fragile items, especially products that will benefit from waterproof protection such as magazines, papers or clothes etc.

A cost-effective postal solution, due to how light they are, these bags are also a stronger alternative to paper. The film contains an approx. 25% of recycled films and are 100% degradable. Degradation is not triggered until the bags have been used and end up in landfill where the natural process of light and heat starts the proceedings.

  • All our grey printed warning notice mailing bags are 45mm thick
  • The bags come with a child safety suffocation warning notice printed on them
  • The inside of the bags are black so that you cannot see through the film allowing privacy of the contents inside
  • The high specification of the grey film has been chosen to give the best performance to weight ratio, whilst reducing your postage costs, but ensuring delivery of your products in good condition
  • With a unique grade of hot melt glue used for sealing the mailing bags, once they are sealed you will have to rip the mailing bags open to get at the contents

Our grey printed warning notice mailing bags can be addressed and accept labels, stamps and pens/biro.

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