Challenge Packaging have exceptional print capabilities which enable you to display your brand with high quality print.

From simple one colour reference printing to a full colour picture quality image, our team of experts will work with you to deliver the most cost effective solution sympathetic to your branding guidelines.

Coupled with our experience in packaging products, we can ally suitable materials to deliver the ultimate branded pack experience to your clients. Our team works diligently to ensure colour and quality consistency across your full range of packaging.

But it is not just about the external carton. We can also supply void fill, polythene, paper products and adhesive tape in order to suit your unique requirements and branding. Essentially, your choice is wide and our team can walk you through the options, visualise your thoughts and advise on the right choices for your ultimate product packaging solution.


  • Low cost
  • Simple and economic
  • Requires polymer printing plates
  • Colour matching available
  • Up to 4 colour Print


  • Low volume, high quality
  • Image files transferred directly to printer
  • Printing plates not required
  • Ideal for pre-production or prototyping runs


  • Highest quality
  • Suitable for high volume
  • Photographic quality print laminated on to board
  • Provides maximum visual appeal
  • Consistent high quality

Artwork & Graphic Design

Challenge Packaging’s on-site Artwork & Graphics team work with you to translate your own vision to graphics that are suitable for packaging – ultimately delivering a design that is ready to go.

Our on-site Graphics team ensure we can respond immediately and create cost effective, printable designs which ; when you are satisfied, are approved by you prior to production.

From concept to design we work with you to meet your deadlines whilst ensuring you are confident that the final production run will meet your expectations.This helps to accelerate the process and achieve delivery deadlines.

Whatever your vision, our team will work with you to create a design that’s just right for you.

Ink Kitchen

Challenges on-site ink mixing station means we can mix your colours as and when required offering flexibility and reliability at point of manufacture.

Our inks are mixed by combining base colours, so fine-tuning or colour matching is a straightforward process in our Ink Lab. We strive to ensure our inks meet the most stringent client brand packaging guidelines using state of the art spectphotometers to measure colour accuracy throughout all production runs.

  • Control at point of manufacture
  • Flexible and responsive
  • Colour matching throughout the production run
  • Gives your product impact
  • Brand accuracy

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