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Environmentally Friendly Paper Packaging – Turning The Tide On Plastic Packaging

By 14th January 2020News

With the new arrival of our Protega Paper Cushion Machine, you can now enjoy sustainable packaging that doesn’t cost the earth. This iconic and innovative machine creates paper cushions that are designed to thrive in product protection, reduce waste and help contribute to a greener environment. It produces a paper cushion that compresses less than any other alternative of the same size. Meaning that you can minimize the use of resources to protect your products.

The Protega machine is smaller than any other paper cushion machine on the market which means it can be easily deployed directly on a packing bench, moved around your despatch area, or even elevated up high to dispense cushions into an integrated overhead hopper system.

The footprint of the slimline Protega machine is not much larger than an office printer and fits easily into even the smallest despatch areas, the size of this machine is one of the main reasons why our clients have found this machine to be easy to integrate into their packaging operation. Fully integrated solutions including the design and installation of bespoke packing benches and overhead hopper systems, to speed up packing processes and improve operator working comfort.

Protega Protect video

The Protega has a number of pre-set programs and can either be set to produce a specified number of paper cushions of any length or they can be produced on-demand at the press of the foot pedal. Alternatively, the machine program can be configured to match your exact requirements.

The narrow width Protega paper makes it easy for operators to handle and load onto the machine. Once the layers of paper are separated by the operator and placed over the rollers, the paper is simply pulled through to start position with the aid of a jog switch. With its unique structured strength, the Protega paper cushion is one of the strongest forms of protective packaging in the market, and many users have chosen it because the paper does not ‘settle’ in transit and leave vulnerable gaps.

There are two Protega machines that you can choose in our product range, the Protega 200 cushion, used for heavy-duty applications where a wide cushion is required. Then there is the Protega 125 cushion, for general purpose applications and use in small to medium boxes. Making sure that you use the right techniques with Protega paper cushioning can save you time, reduce wastage, and ensure you protect your goods correctly.

Coiling – is used to form a protective base on which single or multiple heavy products can be nested, and a further coil can be placed on top to give superior all-round protection.

Twisting – the paper is an effective way of bulking up the paper to fill gaps and securing your products, at the same time as reducing paper usage.

Block & Brace – This method is an excellent way of minimizing the use of paper and avoiding total void fill within the box. Once a small coil is wedged between your product and the edge of the box it will remain firmly in place during transit.

Cross Method – The cross method provides all-round protection where the weight of the product does not require a coil in the base and/ or top of the box.

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