Corrugated Waste Management

Did you know you can convert most cardboard waste into a revenue making process.

Cardboard waste is created by many businesses so If you have large volumes of waste cardboard why not contact us to help maximise your revenue whilst helping the environment.

We are specialists in processing these Corrugated & Board products:

  • Cardboard (baled and palletised )
  • Reel Ends
  • Mixed Coloured Corrugated
  • Cardboard Cores

How does it work?

  • We collect your palletised waste daily (usually when delivering your packaging)
  • We empty and replace your various containers as often as necessary
  • We will offer a market price for the material we collect and provide quarterly price reviews
  • We provide monthly weight advice notes
  • We provide a high quality service and flexibility to keep your site free of Corrugated waste.

If you have any waste cardboard materials please contact our team on 01825 748800, let us help make your life easier, greener and potentially earn a little money in the process!

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