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Choosing The Right E-commerce Postal Packaging

By 10th May 2020May 12th, 2020News

What is an Easilok Postal Box?

Our Easilok postal boxes (most commonly known as self-locking postal boxes) are named as such due to their easy-to-use, self-locking feature. The interlocking flaps help to secure the lid so that a minimal amount of tape is needed. We currently offer our Easilok boxes in white and brown.

They are manufactured from tough, lightweight corrugated cardboard and our wide range of sizes mean we can cater for a variety of products. They are great for products of various sizes, especially bulky products. You can even protect your items with bubble wrap, void fill, bubble bags or paper so that you can pad your items out to ensure a safe journey whilst in transit.

Where our tuffmailers are a nice solution for a snug fit around books, DVDs and prints, an Easilok postal box is a great solution for items that are not sized perfectly, as well as multiples of books, games and many other goods.

They are supplied flat packed, yet they can be assembled in seconds. So, whether you are a large or small business, needing to get multiples of orders through the door, these are a time-efficient, cost-effective solution.

Our Easilok postal boxes are designed to fit within the royal mail pip guidelines, so it keeps packaging costs down.


Is an Easilok postal box the same as a Book Wrap Mailer?

We have a range of environmentally friendly tuffmailers, otherwise known as book wrap mailer or postal mailers. They are not the same as a postal box, they are a wraparound packaging item that are designed more specifically for books, DVDs, and game. Due to their main purpose of being made to fit products that need all-round edge protection.

They offer lightweight and good quality postal protection, whilst also being cost and time effective. In terms of use, they are most popular with e-commerce sellers selling books. Our tuffmailers also comply with the Royal Mail PIP guidelines, so you can keep track of your postal costs.

With quick and easy to use folding sides and peel-&-seal strips, these are a great addition for any e-commerce seller wanting a quick, yet strong packaging solution.

We also offer our economailers, a budget-priced book mailer for posting catalogues, brochures, books, videos, and DVDs etc. These are different from our tuffmailers in that they do not have a self-seal feature. These are manufactured from tough mottled white corrugated board and delivered flat. Simply twist the book mailer and fold around your product. Seal our economy book mailer with tape, glue, or strapping.

You can view our range of book mailers here.













What are the benefits of using an Easilok postal box when I could use a bubble lined Mail Envelope?

Firstly, our Easilok boxes are a very presentable Solution. They are strong and durable, so they turn up intact. It is also more obvious for damage or tampering, whilst having a chance of keeping the product still in one piece. A mailing envelope, whilst strong, if ripped open you have more chance of losing the item inside or it being damaged.

These boxes are also easy to address, once assembled just print your label and stick to the front and then you can send.

With these boxes, you can also enhance your customer experience. Customers now review packaging and boxes that their orders arrive in, so create a better open-box experience with something stronger and more durable.

If the unboxing experience and presentation is not a primary concern, then our bubble mailing envelopes will be a valuable addition to your packaging process. Our envelopes are made with a tough kraft-outer to protect from punctures or tears, and each envelope is made with a self-seal, tear-off strip for speed and time efficiency. The high slip bubble inside allowed for easy product insertion, whilst the kraft outer is easy to write on and has excellent label adhesion.

If you have an e-commerce business that is selling smaller, lighter and sometimes fragile items, that bubble envelopes will be the better solution for you. Our range of sizes means we can cater to products such as craft items, jewellery, DVDs, books, prints and many other items.

For a more sustainable envelope option, we do have a range of padded mailing envelopes that provide the same protection as bubble envelopes but do so using paper, not a bubble film. They feature a self-seal closure and smooth inner lining and also incorporate a tear tape for ease of opening.


When should I consider using an Easilok box?

If you are using other packaging products and experience issues such as product damage, lack of time efficiency, quantity and cost and a poor client unboxing experience then an Easilok box might be the better solution for you. If you are looking to switch to packaging that is more environmentally friendly and sustainable then our Easilok boxes are perfect.

  • Supplied flat
  • Easy to store
  • Fully printable stock range
  • Maximise volume against Royal Mail restrictions
  • Secure postal solution
  • Minimal tape required
  • No tooling charges

Environmental Benefits of our self-locking postal boxes

Both our white and brown Easilok boxes are made with a minimum of 75% recycled material and are 100% recyclable. We recently launched our new paper tape, so that customers needing tape with their boxes, can send out a fully recyclable solution. The customer can discard the box and tape as one. For more information about our new paper tape click here.

Why chose Challenge Packaging?

Firstly, we are the only box and packaging supplier in the UK offering such a wide scope of different postal box sizes. And even then, if we do not have a size that fits your requirements, we can make it for you.

And if you do need one of our Easilok boxes quickly, we have over 1,000,000 boxes in stock ready for next day delivery. We store them, and have them available for you, meaning you can enjoy super-fast lead times, as low quantity prices. And if you order before 2 pm, we can delivery your e-commerce packaging to you the next day.

Huge retailers such as Amazon, have been selling out due to the lock-down and COVID-19, however, for a box and packaging supplier like us, we have them in stock, ready to send the next day if you need us to. We are the largest box and packaging retailer in the South East, with a reputation that has been built up through years of experience working with customers such as yourself.

Bespoke Postal Box Packaging

If your product or products need a particular open-box presentation experience, have an unusual shape or style then die-cut packaging will be your next solution. We will work with you to create a box that is unique to you and suited to your needs. Our standard, off the shelf range of Easilok boxes, do have printed options available, bespoke die-cut packaging ensures optimum use and functionality for your business, whilst making sure we are using the least amount of material as possible.

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