Choosing The Best Pallet Wrap for Your Business

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Pallet wrap, otherwise known as stretch film, is a stretchable polythene film used to retain and protect large loads on pallets during transit. The tension of the plastic after application keeps the contents of the pallet sturdy, making sure they don’t break apart or come lose whilst in transit. Whether the use is to offer protection from external factors such as moisture or damp, loss of products, load tampering to security in a journey; pallet wrap offers a wide suite of functionality.

Pallet wrap is available in two different forms, cast and blown, which are explained below. Our pallet wrap is also available in different grades, yielding different strengths, and is available in black or clear.

Blown pallet wrap enjoys the following features:

Load Retention – More holding power, won’t stretch once reapplied

Film Memory – Higher ability to shrink back to original size after stretch

Film Yield – Stretches further, covering more pallets with less film

Puncture Resistance – Greater resistance

Cling – Clings on one side only, better for higher load retention

Visual Clarity – Lower gloss reducing reflections, but not crystal clear

Noise – Loud when unwinding


Cast pallet wrap enjoys the following features:

Load Retention – Stretches easily, even after applied to the pallet

Film Memory – Minimal ability to shrink back to original size after stretch

Film Yield – Less stretchy but stretch can be improved through the use of lower micron films

Puncture Resistance – Tearing can occur easier at higher stretch levels

Cling – Naturally clingy on both sides which can result in pallets sticking together

Visual Clarity –  Clear for easier reading and scanning of contents, but higher gloss

Noise – Quiet when unwinding

To suit customers who do not have a significant enough usage to warrant automatic machinery, we do offer a range of tools for pallet wrap application.

What do we offer?

Standard Clear Pallet Wrap – Blown or cast type. A range of micron options provides a low, medium and heavy usage alternative.

Extended Cores – A range of micron options with extended cores as a substitute for separate dispensers.

Black Security Wrap – Completely hides the contents of the pallet from public view, therefore allowing it to be known as security wrap. It also helps prevent light damage to parcels due to the black colour obstructing light getting through.

Mini Stretch Film Rolls – Clings to itself without adhesives. Perfect for bundling small loads without using strapping, tape or a bag. Available in clear only. Requires a dispenser to apply. We have pallet wrap dispensers available, speak to our sales team to discuss your dispenser requirements Contact Us

We also supply machine wrap & top sheets – standard and power pre-stretch.

Standard is a top-quality cast machine film for use with core break stretch systems. Extremely strong, versatile and designed for high-performance applications seeking higher tensile strengths, excellent puncture resistance, good cling, slip and load retention. Compatible with the Orbitwrap Classic Machine. Boasts 150% stretch, all machine wrap is supplied on 76mmm ID cores.

Our high-quality power pre-stretch film provides excellent pallet stabilisation, for use with machines with dual roller power pre-stretch systems. Compatible with power pre-stretched machines. Boasts a 250% stretch.

With all things product and manufacturing-related, there are positives to using each of the above, but it is choosing what is right for your business and application.

Whilst the elastic stretch bands are plastic, you can now reduce the amount of what you use.

We have repeatedly said in our communications that we cannot eradicate the use of plastic within our business, but we can take steps to reduce, revise and transition to sustainable, environmentally friendly alternatives where possible.








Which is why we are proud to launch our new Activa Band. It works perfectly with edge guards, which are cardboard and recyclable, so there is more sustainable use of products when securing pallet loads. This is, of course, dependant on the style of the load, some are not easy to secure in stacks, therefore standard pallet wrap will work better with bulky loads that stick out and protrude.


One of its most overwhelming features is the efficiency of time and labour, as you just simply pull the stretch band over the top pallet layer and your goods are protected – whether heavy or light goods.

It boasts an incredible high memory & holding force and can maintain unstable loads within internal transportation. View this product in action by clicking this link to see the latest YouTube video of Activa Band being used – View Video

Our new Activa Bands are available in blue, green and pink, so you can colour code your pallets if you wish with different band colours or simply enjoy a dash of colour within your warehouse or factory.








With regards to our other pallet wrap and security offering, have plenty of different sizes and colour to choose from. We offer a full range of strapping tools to suit most applications no matter how large or small your operation. You can view our range here.


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