Challenge Packaging Is Officially FSC Chain Of Custody Certified

By 28th October 2019November 5th, 2019News

We are delighted to announce that Challenge Packaging is officially FSC Chain of Custody certified! FSC is the world’s most trusted sustainable forest management solution.

What is FSC?

FSC is an abbreviation for ‘Forest Stewardship Council’. They are a global, non-profit organisation devoted to the promotion of responsible forest management all over the world. They allow consumers and businesses to make informed choices about the forest products they buy. Thus, enabling positive change by engaging the power of market dynamics.

Their certification system is made up of two elements; ‘Forest Management’ and ‘Chain of Custody’. Forest management is a voluntary certification, and acts as a way of ensuring careful, long-term management of forests by the manager or owner. An audit is carried out by an independent organisation which checks that international and national agreed standards of responsible forest management are being met. Timber from the forest is then able to carry the FSC label, proving that it comes from a well-managed forest and passing the benefit of the certification on to those who purchase.

Chain of Custody is the certification that runs from the forest through to the end user, proving that the materials used in production of timber-based products comes from well-managed and sustainable (i.e. certified) forests. These products can be anything from wooden spoons to pallets, or in our case, cardboard boxes! To become certified, we have to prove our suppliers are buying responsibly, who have to prove their suppliers are, and so on right back to the forest.

How do I know if a product is FSC certified?

FSC certified products can only be supplied by certified organisations. Now that we’re certified, we have a licence number that you’ll start seeing appear on our delivery notes, promotional materials and other paperwork. In many cases however, FSC certification is promoted to the end user via the ‘tick tree’ logo. Once a customer sees this, they can purchase with confidence that the product they’re buying is aiding with the longevity and sustainability of forests for future generations.

Did you know, 55% of people in the UK recognise the FSC logo and 69% would prefer to buy a product that bears the FSC logo? This figure increases to 75% once people were made aware that there were no other obvious differences by having the logo i.e. size and cost etc.

What does this mean for you?

With recent overwhelming concern globally about the welfare and protection of the environment, it can be difficult to find a cost-effective and credible solution. By buying FSC certified boxes, you will be demonstrating that you comply with the highest environmental and social standards on the market. Today, an FSC certification is a credible way to gain both consumer and public recognition of your practises. The best bit about this process? It won’t cost you an extra penny!*

* Please note, incorporating FSC logos into artwork for an existing product will incur additional stereo charges

FSC strives with the higher purpose in mind, always considering the bigger picture. It takes care of our water, forests’ air, animals and people. Their key message that they communicate passionately is ‘Forests For All Forever’. A tested tagline, with a central message that drives into the heart the purchase and trust objective. It determines their mission and that of those who partner with them. In turn, we are all rewarded for taking care of our forests.

What does this mean for us?

The way consumers choose, and support brands has changed, with ethics such as accountability and trust playing a major part in decision making. What we wanted was to align ourselves with a certified body whose reputation and ethos echoed our own. Therefore, we wanted to be able to assure our customers that we as a business and brand are doing all that we can to be responsible for forest-based products.

We want to pursue securing a long-term, sustainable supply of forest-friendly products so that we can demonstrate more custody of natural resources and contribute towards the protection of the environment.  We supply endless amounts of biodegradable and easily recyclable products, whilst still achieving protective and high-quality packaging.

Two thirds of people who recognise the FSC label are significantly more likely to recommend certified products to others, therefore marketing and making products from responsible sources has become all-important for businesses.

“71% of consumers say they are more likely to buy brands that package their products in paper or cardboard than in other materials.” Ipsos 2018

As providers of cardboard and paper products, an FSC certification seemed an appropriate demonstration of our commitment to responsible forestry for our customers and business.

To enquire about FSC labels on your products with us click here