After careful observation of the current climate, we wanted to notify our customers of what our next steps are in the safeguarding against COVID-19. Our number one priority is the safety of our employees and customers, and to uphold that we are implementing the following steps effective as of today (Tuesday 17th March)

We will host no more supplier/customer visits or meetings until further advised. Team members such as account managers will not be making any offsite visits until further advised. For any important or urgent meetings, we will arrange for phone calls or facetime meetings.

We must ask that all delivery drivers coming to Challenge Packaging adopt social distancing principles when visiting our site. In the same way that our drivers will keep any face to face contact to a minimum. We would like to reiterate they will still be on hand to help with off-loading large deliveries as normal, should you need them to.

No one from the business will be attending any events or exhibitions. We will also not be taking visits from cash buyers for stock purchases. Telephone and online payments will be accepted methods of payment.
For our internal team members that will continue to work on-site, we have adopted a temporary measure of a two-meter distance between any person. Sanitizer and bottled water will be available to all staff to ensure hydration and clean workspace areas. Other members of staff will be working from home and will be available via phone and email.

With regard to visiting personnel, we have implemented a health screening program to highlight and respond to any causes for concern. Any visitor who refuses to fill in the form will not be allowed entry into the building, to ensure the welfare of all staff.  All staff have been trained in this procedure as well as having been issued instructions insofar as their responsibility to report personal health concerns originating outside of the workplace.

Overall, our day to day operations remains unaffected. We do not anticipate at this time any need to halt or slow down production or distribution and have had similar reassurances from our varied supply chain network.

Beyond our current arrangements, the Board of Directors is meeting regularly to discuss the development of the Covid-19 virus and as the situation develops, we will issue further communication if required.