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Trip is a company that produces CBD based products such as drinks and oils. Developed by the company Directors, who wanted to make better tasting and smelling products, that help balance a healthier work-life. They are a UK based company that produces ethically sourced products, that are vegan and free from palm oil. They also try to create recyclable products when they can, such as their cans that their products are poured into. 

Our products reflect what Trip stands for; they are ethical, organic, and recyclable. Like us, they care about the environment and want to use quality items while being environmentally friendly.


Ethical & Vegan




Food and Drink

As shown on the boxes they have their brand printed onto the boxes so the boxes could still represent the brand, and with our water-based inks, it keeps with the environmentally friendly and ethical stance Trip have.

They want to reflect their ethical product within their packaging too, that’s why they decided to go with our packaging.

Printed Branding
Compact & Neat Packaging
Recyclable Packaging

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