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Treat Box sells gift boxes filled with treats such as beauty products, food, wellness gifts, and also mugs, and ceramic keepsakes. 

They fill the boxes with gift items from other businesses so that you can an introduction to something new from a previously undiscovered brand.

Because the customer focus is mainly on the presentation of their gift boxes, they wanted to make all their packaging and boxes 100% recyclable. This is why they chose us to create boxes for the ideal customer experience because we offer recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging.

We like being able to help businesses with our packaging by keeping their branding looking good whilst also being environmentally friendly.

Treat Box offers a service that benefits lots of small businesses and aims to lift people’s spirits so we are glad to help them be environmentally friendly… and make our packaging look good for them!


Stunning Open-Box Experience


Treat Box


Food and Drink

As you can see our water-based inks meant that not only could the company have their logo on the box but also benefit from a printed colour inside of the box to mirror their brand colours.

Our boxes can be personalised while still 100% recyclable. 

Beautiful printed colour on the inside
Environmentally conscious production.
Support every step of the way.

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