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Sapling spirits is a company that produces and sells vodka.

Ethically sourced and produced, everything they use is 100% British, which cuts down on carbon emissions from importing ingredients from overseas. They also plant a tree with every purchase in local communities. Planting the tree cancels out the carbon emissions that making the vodka produces.

Additionally, all of the packagings they use is 100% recyclable which is why they chose us to produce the boxes for their bottles.

As you can see on the boxes, there are two different coloured inks that match the brand colours of Sapling Spirits. Our inks are environmentally friendly as they are water-based, which means that the ink is made of a non-toxic variant that has no lead or heavy metals in, and does not use chemicals or volatile solvents that are bad for the environment.

This means when we use water-based ink to print on your boxes, the boxes will stay 100% recyclable, as there is nothing harmful in the inks.

As well as the inks, our packaging products are 100% recyclable and FSC certified, meaning the trees used to make boxes are sustainable.


Environmentally Friendly Solution


Sapling Spirits


Food and Drink

They wanted the boxes they use to reflect their ethics and values, which is why they came to us; for affordable and environmentally friendly packaging products.

Our products coincide with Sapling Spirits’ beliefs and what they want their products and brand to represent. Sapling Spirits are environmentally-friendly and plant trees to help the environment and local communities. 

Safe storage for bottles
Water based inks
Environmentally conscious production.
Reflection of brand values

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