Some would say that we are obsessed with boxes & packaging. We’d agree but prefer to call ourselves packaging experts…

and we want to make your experience of working with us as easy and as pleasurable as possible. Due of our wide range of experience dealing with national brands and logistics companies through to independent businesses and start-ups, we know we can offer you the level of service and expertise that will deliver the correct product at the right time and, crucially, on budget!

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Second only to our people, our factory is our biggest asset. Manufacturing right here in East Sussex enables us to offer exceptional levels of reliability across the region.

Accreditations & Certifications

Whatever it is that you do, wasting money on poor quality boxes & packaging is not good business. The accreditations that we hold ensure that the quality of our products is maintained all of the time.

Our Mission

Delivering off the shelf and tailor made packaging solutions, just the way you need them, when you need them.


We recycle all of our waste cardboard and paper into new product, as well as maintaining the cleanest levels of hygiene within our manufacturing process, which reduces the amount of waste and, therefore, the need to recycle in the first place.

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Regardless of what packaging you need, we think we have a solution that fits. And if we don’t have it from stock, we know that we can design one for you that will make you as proud of the packaging as you are of the product within it.

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